Clipping Path Magic can sometimes collect basic information from consumers of its website to resolve customer service requirements. The only purpose is to appraise the overall efficacy and accomplishment of its website. This basic information does not disclose the individuality of the visitor and may consist of: how much time spent on each website pages, the name of the web site, domains and its originating web page used by the visitor visited. Additionally CPM may accumulate particular data about visitors of its website merely when the information is abounding voluntarily. In the future, CPM may enhance its information gathering efficiency to improve the quality of the proposed services. Neither any information gathered about visitors will be exposed nor sold to third parties without the allowance of the website visitors.

CPM never sends any spam message. They only contact via email for the confirmation of ordered jobs, payments or any other information or query regarding customers’ needs. If the customers get any unwanted email mistakenly, they are requested to contact CPM immediately.

CPM assures the privacy of user accounts and visitors information while purchasing any service. It uses special safety procedures to protect data transmitted with a client’s obtain and CPM dictates its all employees to keep the privacy of such data. Since CPM aims for the information about its visitors and customers and utilizes to be correct, CPM will verify gathered information and requests its customers to inform CPM if any mistake is done with their data.

CPM is committed to meet client’s need. CPM will revise its work to correct any error which might occur for any misunderstanding from both side but will not be responsible for any damage, crisis or economic issue.

CPM preserves the right to update the privacy policy for its improvement or user’s better experience.