Image Masking

Exclusive Image Masking Services

Clipping Path Magic is offering excellent image masking services where client’s satisfaction is the prior thing. Our clipping path magicians who are 5+ years experienced are always dedicated to serve you with the best photo masking service. At first, we would like to let you know about which benefits you can get from us.

Image Masking Services

Our Image Masking Services At a Glance

  • We provide the best image background removal service in any mode(gradient transparency or any format) you want.
  • We can separate expected image from its original background and set that image anywhere you want.
  • We can customize the background of images according to your requirement.
  • No matter if your image includes human with flying hairs, objects like: smoke, glass, highlights, shadow, lightning, etc., Animals with raising hairs, Natural items (trees, landscapes, flowers, etc.), Fine-edge Jewelries or many more things like these. We will serve you with the best Complex Layer (Fur & Hair) Masking, Translucent Image Masking, Photoshop Transparency Masking, Photoshop Collage Masking, Alpha Channel Masking.
  • If you want we can save complex silhouette selections with your image for further
  • With the help of our Photoshop masking you can Create magazine covers, ads, fashion pages with the images of models and whatever you want.

How We Work With Photoshop Clipping Mask

It is not a big deal how complex your images are. After getting your images, our image masking specialist will go over the images. Afterwards, he will make a perfect plan and instruct the team members in order to complete the job 100% accurately. Then all is set. We will get back to you with your desired images in time. After checking the images, if you find any single error in our service, we are right here to fix it.

Photo Masking Services

For any kind of information, you are most welcome to contact us. In order to judge our work before placing an order, we are offering free trial of two images. Because Your judgement is the first priority to us. We will be glad to receive any kind of opinion or suggestion regarding our services.

Business Hours

We are 24x7 available for any kind of Photoshop clipping path services.